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Database of inventions / prototypes / innovations created during Covid19 outbreak

10 Jun 2020

Bakery sanitary glove

To prevent any risk of contamination, the baker puts on the disposable glove in seconds and easily thanks to a hoop that keeps the glove pre-open. Photo innovationcovid19


21 May 2020

Social distancing “'Cardboard customers”

'Cardboard customers' sitting at tables inside Five Dock Dining restaurant, Sydney. fifteen cardboard customers to fill the space in his restaurant, along with a playlist of background noise simulating “guest chatter” to “recreate a busy restaurant atmosphere.” Photo Getty Images


30 May 2020

Social distancing at high school

In Bruxelles, high schools high schools have painted social distancing zones in the shape of a honeycomb . Photo Yves HERMAN, REUTERS


20 May 2020

elevator control pedal

A mall in Bangkok has swapped lift buttons for foot pedals. Prote Sosothikul, vice president of Seacon Development, which oversees the mall, said the foot pedals gave shoppers some peace of mind. Photo video screen shott


28 May 2020

social distancing at Domino Park

Domino Park staff implemented the circles in chalk paint on May 15th. The park comprises approximately 30 circles and each circle is 8 feet (2.4-metres) in diameter, and set 6 feet (1.8 metres) apart.  Photo Marcella Winograd courtesy of Domino Park


18 May 2020

Social distancing at restaurant Panda

Maison Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in Bangkok is ensuring it meets new social distancing guidelines, and providing lonely diners a bit of company, by seating stuffed pandas at its tables. Photo Athit Perawongmetha/REUTERS


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